Brandon Yuh

Self-Initiated Projects

Automatic Battery Message

Technology used: Android, Java, Google Play Services, Admob advertising, Eclipse.

App that sends SMS and email when your battery reaches a certain threshold

Programmed in Java using Android and Google API, specifically, telephony for SMS messaging, Internet email protocols, and system calls to check battery levels

Utilizes Mopub advertising

Automatic Battery Message on Google Play »

Temptation Timer

Technology used: Android, Java, Google Play Services, Admob advertising, Eclipse.

An app that has a 5 minute countdown for when a person is tempted to do something that s/he shouldn’t

Provides randomized advice and alerts the user when the countdown in finished even when not in the app

Programmed in Java using Android and Google API

Utilizes Mopub advertising

Temptation Timer on Google Play »

Tako Tower

An endless stacking game. Made with GameMaker Studio.

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Rain Clouds

Toque Studios

Technology used: GameMaker Language, Android, Admob advertising, In app purchases.

I did the programming with my partners doing the art, music, and design

I came up with the concept idea

Uses the GameMaker Language which is a variant of C

Uses Admob advertising

Includes in app purchases for image backgrounds and music

Rain Clouds on Google Play »

Business Projects

SFU Canadian Journal of Communication Mobile App

Mobile Application Developer. Jun 2012 - Dec 2012

Technology used: Phonegap, JQuery, Android, HTML5, CSS, Google Play Services, Eclipse.

Utilizing Phonegap, designed and created Android and Windows Phone versions of the Canadian Journal of Communication. Developed for Simon Frasier University

Android »

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UBC Sustainability

Mobile Game Programmer. Jul 2011 - Dec 2011

Technology used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Google Maps API, NetBeans.

Designed and and was responsible for all the programming for the mobile game website which can be viewed on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, and other smartphones.

Deploying the scavenger hunt game in January for students to learn about sustainable efforts at UBC.

Developed using PHP, mySQL, CSS, Javascript, and Ajax with Google Maps API.

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TechTrek Summer Camp Leader

May 2011 - Aug 2011

Technology Used: Java Greenfoot, Android App Inventor, Vex Robotics, PHP, MySQL.

Acted as one of several computer camp leaders for 30 high school students.

Created lesson plans for Java with Greenfoot and App Inventor for Android.

Aided and taught students programming in a computer lab at UBC.

Taught robotics using Vex Robotics Kits and programming of the robots using Easy-C.

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Global Game Jam

Jan 2012, Jan 2013, and Jan 2014

Carefully scheduled 50 volunteers on a 72 hour time period.

Organized and kept track of volunteers during the event.

Guided volunteers for the setup and takedown of equipment for the event.

Vancouver Global Game Jam »

Global Game Jam »

Office Experience


Developer and Quality Assurance. May 2010 - Dec 2010

Technology used: Java, Perforce, Eclipse, BlackBerry Api.

Wrote Java BlackBerry applications to test 20 features of the NFC and Bluetooth API.

Implemented and tested network API features in BlackBerry applications using Perforce.

Performed weekly regression testing and on Near Field Communications and Bluetooth.

Produced detailed reports on bugs found and listed possible causes of defects. »


Java EE Developer and Interactions Designer. Jan 2009 - Aug 2009

Technology used: Java, JSP, Axure, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse, Subversion, Mercurial.

Programmed new features such as new display methods for data for the billing interface in Java EE.

Wrote documentation for new developers to read and set up twice as quickly.

Performed usability testing in small groups to determine necessary UI changes.

Created documentation in wiki format of sample widgets and design patterns with code samples to save time for employees who design new interfaces.

Organized fun team events every two months which included group lunches and golfing. »

Unfinished Games

Starcrossed Lovers

An endless jumper game. Made with GameMaker Studio.

HTML5 Version »

Android Version »

Windows Version »

Trade Routes

A game about cargo ships and truck to craft materials into products.

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Geoglyph Guardian

A drawing game where you need to make lines and shapes to attack enemies.

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Toque Studios

Co-Founder and Lead programmer

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Organizer of GameMaker Vancouver

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Member of Full Indie

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